Thursday, August 19, 2021

No stitching, but..

 I've had very little stitching time over the last couple of weeks and as you know I don't get much done after work hours. Still, I do have something to share with you.

First, I've completed my baby gift. It's an elephant! I've never made one before. I usually make a rabbit but the mom-to-be loves elephants and requested it have something in yellow.

If you're interested in the pattern, it can be found here. The original design has the elephant either in a diaper or a skirt, but the designer also has instructions for the cute overalls here. To give a little something extra to the elephant, I used a lovely chenille thread on the pads of the hands and feet, and ears.

After finishing my elephant last week, I felt weird not having something to do in the evenings. I decided to work on my bojagi piece as it's an easy piece to work on and doesn't require a lot of concentration. I really enjoy this type of work and would love to do more of it.

I've completed the stitching on the front panel. It's a true bojagi as I had to humpty dumpty a few pieces to get the correct size. Remember: measure twice, cut once! All that's left now is to stitch the two sides together, make the strap and attach it.


  1. The elephant is absolutely adorable! Very well done!

  2. You are so very talented. Love the elephant!

  3. That little elephant is just too cute for words and I love the yellow coveralls. Chenille on the ears, etc is a great idea. What a great gift!

  4. The elephant has turned out very well, hasn't it! I'm sure the baby will be as delighted as the mother-to-be!