Friday, November 9, 2012

Busy as a Bee

I haven't posted anything in a while. Not because I wasn't stitching, I was. It's just that every time I come to stop and do a posting I realize that if I just keep going for a little bit I'll be able to finish the dress, that I'll be able to finish the hair, the skin,... 2 weeks pass by and I still haven't made a post lol.

So here she is, my Stargazer all stitched up. All I have left is the beading.

I did end up stitching the face with 1 thread over 1. And she looks gorgeous like that. Here's a close up:

I am going to try and not start the beading until next month. That way I can try to make some progress on Castle in the Sky and maybe start another very small project. I already picked one out. It's a pattern by Awenmir of Ichigo from the Manga Bleach. She has many other patterns on her site here

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