Completed Projects

Gingerbread Girl's Hearts and Flowers
Fabric: Belfast Linen White 32ct
Thread: DMC perl cotton #8 & 12
Beading: Swarovski pearl beads and crystals

Start: 2016/12/25
Finish: 2017/01/14

Total Hours: 61.75 hours over 18 days

Completed Finishing: 2017/01/16
Yukiko Ogura's De Rose Vêtues
Fabric: Cotton
Beading: Miyuki beads

Start: 2017/01/19
Finish: 2017/02/04
Alison Cole's Pearl Butterfly
Fabric: Gold Delustered Satin
Thread: Gutterman sewing thread, Au vers a soie silk
Beading: Swarovski Crystal pearls

Start: 2017/01/27
Finish: 2017/03/07

Total Hours: 40 hours over 17 days