Friday, February 15, 2013

Castle in the Air Part 15

I finally ordered the metallic thread I was missing on eBay. It took me 2 month to do! I found a seller who lives in British Columbia who has a very good listing. The shipping cost was very low and delivery was fast. I ended up ordering way more than I needed (obviously!).

So I got my threads within a week and I went to work on filling in what was missing. I decided to use gold metallic thread on the gate instead of silver. It just looks nicer that way. By the way, the gold thread was a JOY to use. I hate working with the silver metallic thread, the gold thread is much softer and easier to handle.

This is part 14, with the silver thread in the flowers and the Blackwork trellis in gold.

Here is part 15 with the black gate and gold trellis.

Part 14 and 15 had a lot of Blackwork in them. I always wanted to try Blackwork and this was a good opportunity to try. Not sure if I really enjoyed it or not. I'll have to try a Blackwork project next time.

Here is an overview of all the parts so far. It felt nice to take it off the frame. As I was holding it out I kept thinking how nice it looks hanging like a scroll. I might just finish it like that.

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