Thursday, May 30, 2013

More Stash! So Soon!?

Much like Stargazer, I've been thinking about this project for a long time (almost a year and a half). About two weeks ago, my sister "convinced" me with the argument that if it's been on my mind for more than a year, then I should buy it now and not delay. So I did!

The pattern is called Spirit of the Southwest by Susan Portra. It's not a cross stitch design, but needlepoint. This would be my first one and I didn't pick an easy one to work on. I heard this project is targeted for intermediate level, but the instructions are very clear so anyone can follow them. Even thought I'm only a beginner I couldn't stop myself from getting it anyways, I figured I should be able to follow the instructions if they are that clear (until I saw the instructions o.O, super complex but very precise).

There are six colorways for this design, I decided long ago that I wanted to use the Deep Blue Sea colorway ( I love blue!). The materials were delivered to my house very fast (only had to wait 5 days). I ordered the pattern, thread pack and canvas from Westend Embroidery (only place I could find that had the pattern). And since I've never done any needlepoint, I didn't have any of the materials I would need to work so I ordered those as well.

Here is the pattern booklet and thread pack.

I also got tapestry needles (I found out when I got the pattern that it's the wrong needle size :(, will have to get some here) and a Trolley Needle. The last one will be very useful for laying thread. I've never used a laying tool, but this looks like it will be very practical, it just hooks to your index finger.

I finally got the canvas and stretcher bars yesterday (a week after getting the first package).

Here's a picture of what's inside. I didn't want to take out the canvas until I was ready to work on it. The stretcher bars are from Siesta. I've never used them before so I will see how it goes. I still need to get some thumb tacks  or a good stapler to attach the canvas to the stretcher bars.

Now, when will I actually start working on this, I can't say. So far I've been getting a lot done on Castle in the Air and with Bramble and the Rose, I'm currently at 4 WIPs. I'm thinking I should finish one of those before I pick up Spirit of the Southwest. Let's see how well I stick to that plan ;)

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