Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Brand New Start

I'd been thinking about this for a good while now. I knew I would be finishing stitching on Castle in the Air soon and that I did not want to start beading it (at least not for a long while). So once I finished it, I needed to decide what would be my next big project.

It came down to Spirit of the Southwest by Susan Portra or Peacock Tapestry by Teresa Wentzler. But since Peacock Tapestry has been on my wishlist longer, I figured it's a no-brainer.

This is not going to be a simple project. I will probably be working on this for as long as I spent on Castle in the Air (if not more). I took advantage of the long weekend to start.

Here is a floss toss. I had bought all the materials from eBay from a fellow stitcher who, I guess, decided not to stitch it and wanted to do a destash. I think I might be missing one of the Kreinik threads, but that's fine. I'll get it later. I spent a good deal of time winding all the threads on bobbins, which cut into my stitching time.

This meant that I didn't get really far but it's still a very good start. Here is my fabric all set up on my frame. Now, I need to decide if I want to stitch the entire outer and inner border lines first, or fill them in as I scroll down.

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