Thursday, October 17, 2013

New Experiences

In my last post I mentioned a huge stash enhancement possibility in the near future, but that is only part of it. I am participating in 2 new things this year.

The first is starting this Saturday. I signed up for Tatting classes at Boutique La Maillerie (which is located inside Machine A Coudre Excelle). It's 4 classes on alternating Saturdays. I'm still not sure what kind of tatting it will be (i.e. shuttle or needle) but I'm very excited to start. I've already started looking at tutorials online. I found this very good blog about shuttle tatting called Tatted Treasures.

The second is not starting for another 9 days and will mean that I will be out of town for the weekend (impromptu vacation ^_^). Some people might guess since they would also be counting down the days till it starts, it's the Creative Festival which is hosted in Toronto. I found out about this festival last year but it was too late for me to attend, so this year I made sure to note it on my calender and I've been following their blog to keep up to date on what will be happening.

I won't be going alone, my sister decided to join me and we decided to splurge. We booked plane tickets to Toronto (Hurray for Aeroplan miles!), reserved a hotel room and bought 2 bronze passes so we'd be able to register for workshops. My sister went Zentangle all the way (something she is regretting right now thought :P), while I obviously went all needle arts. I'm doing: "Intro to Needle Painting", "Tiny Fantasy Kingdom: Over 1" (this is a cross stitch workshop with Jennifer Aikman-Smith) and "Sashiko: 2 Styles in 1". What I really can't wait for is the show floor, which will be like a mini mall of all things crafty to try out and buy.

One thing I've already started doing is looking into embroidery/knitting/crochet stores in the Toronto Area. We have Saturday free, we will probably use this opportunity to go to Korea Town and maybe Kensington market, but if I can find a shop in the area I want to try and go there. If anyone knows the area and has some suggestions please let me know.

Update 2013/10/18: I just found out that my tatting class was cancelled :( Apparently some people either cancelled or couldn't make it for the days the classes are scheduled to start on. So they had to postpone and the owner couldn't tell me when the class will be rescheduled for. Oh well, at least I still have Toronto. Only 8 days left!

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