Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Leaves Updated

I told myself I would finish section 6 on the weekend, but then I got distracted by another favorite past-time: reading. I spent all Saturday and half of Sunday reading and completely neglected both my Peacock and my Petite SAL stitch for January (which is going very well by the way and I'm already trying to decide on what I'm stitching for February and March).

Close Up


  1. Dima - I hear by give you permission to get distracted. [LOL] TW's are very time consuming and you can easily get burnt out working on them. So go ahead and do something different for a weekend. That way you won't think of PT as turning into a chore.

    1. I've been stitching on the Small for an hour every day during the week and then stitching exclusively on Peacock Tapestry on the weekend. I'm hoping I can keep doing that and will still be able to make good progress on PT.

  2. PT is looking great but the poor bird feels neglected he wanted me to let you know.