Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Out of the Trees and Into the Light

Yes, you read right! The tree branches and all those leaves are finally stitched and done.

I had a very productive Good Friday and was thinking of skipping this weeks update until I was done back-stitching. But that didn't take as much time as I though it would and at around 10:30 yesterday I put in the last stitch for those leaves.

2014/04/13 (just a week ago)
Here it is in all its glory ;)

Now that the inside is all finished, I'm going to go back to the border and finish it all up. I think that this will be the last update post on Peacock Tapestry until it is all finished, since there won't be much to show.

Update: It took 191.25 hours to finish all the leaves o.o


  1. It's so gorgeous! I can't wait to see the finish.

  2. Beautiful work! 191.25 is a lot of time to spend on leaves.Happy Stitching

  3. Yea!!! Getting the virtual confetti all ready for the special day. Man if I kept track of my hours the way you do I'd get discouraged for how bloody long it was taking me to finish the project... LOL

    1. I like keeping track. The real key in this is doing it in chunks and setting up goals so that you feel like you're making good progress. If I hadn't done that I would have gotten discouraged.

  4. Looking awesome!!!!!!! You're in the home stretch!

  5. Oh !!! your peacok looks so oustanding : great work you are doing !!
    I wish you a vey beautiful Firsto of May :)
    Warm wishes,