Monday, November 17, 2014

Octagons G & I Completed

When I came back from the Creative Festival I was really eager to start some new projects, but I told myself I couldn't until I finished Spirit of the Southwest and Flower Patch. So I went back to my "rotation" and am happy to say that it's progressing VERY well.

Octagons G & I are exactly the same but mirrored, so I worked on both at the same time. They start with the same tent stitch row.

Which are followed by alternating rows of diagonal stitches and french knots. I really like how these came out.

Then there were 3 rows of Rhodes half drop using Threadworx. I tried to start both Octagons the exact same way so they would be mirrored. But you'll notice that the last row doesn't match the sequence of the other rows. That's because there was one less Rhode half drop in that row. I didn't realize till after I finished both Octagons and it didn't really bother me enough to undo it. Still something to make note of in case I want to restitch this pattern.

 The rest of the pattern is filled with basket-weave tent stitches (a lot of them). By the time I finished the tent stitches in the single color, it was Sunday night and time to stop for the weekend.

Saturday I picked up where I left off with the tent stitches. The last ten rows are mixed color threads. Doesn't it look like an ocean wave?

Here it is so far! I have closes ups of all the Octagons here if anyone wants to look back :)

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