Thursday, January 1, 2015

2015 Goals

At the begining of last year, I made goals and I tried to stick to them as much as possible:
  • Papillon Creations - Flower Patch - current 
  • Tereza Wentzler - Peacock Tapestry - current 
  • Ink Circles - Bramble and the Rose - current 
  • Susan Portra - Spirit of the Southwest 
  • Heaven and Earth Designs - Stolen in Her Sleep (Selina Fenech) 
  • Kangaroo Amigurumi
  • Smalls SAL - quit after 3 months
  • Mamen's Tapete caramelos (my first Hardanger) - started and finished
  • Took 5 Creative Festival classes, finished 2/5
All in all, I did pretty good in 2014 and I'm hoping that 2015 will be another great year. Here's what I'm planning to work on.
  • MrsMilkybarKid's mirabilia SAL (start January 1st 2015). I will be stitching Tree of Hope
    • instagram: #crossstitch, #flosstube, #ytmirasal2015
Tree of Hope
  • Teresa Wentzler's Tracery Dragon (Sceal Teach is holding a TW SAL that I might join)
Tracery Dragons
  • Donna's Fantasy Lace
Donna's Fantasy Lace
My goal is to put in a few stitches in those 3 on January 1st. I'm also participating in SAL Dentelles by Brodeuse Bressane which starts January 2nd (I'm still trying to decide on fabric and thread). I'm also doing Stitch from Stash 2015-A and want to also sign up for 2015 WIPocalypse (it looks like a lot of fun from what I've seen on other blogs).

I'm especially excited about the Stitch from Stash. I'm thinking if I am VERY good, I will use the money that I don't spend on finally getting a Chatelaine kit. Every year, I lurk around looking at the different kits and dither about whether I should buy or not. But the cost is so high, that I'd really have to be sure I will be able to finish stitching whatever pattern I pick.

I also want to work on finishing up the other Creative Festival classes I took, since I'm planning on taking more in 2015. I don't want to end up with too many class WIPs.

Update 2015/01/05: I won't be participating in Stitch from Stash 2015-A. It seems that in my eagerness to participate I forgot to actually sign up. I confused it with WIPocalypse, for which I did sign up. I'm going to still keep track of my purchases (I really want that Chatelaine kit) and will try to sign up for the second part of it.


  1. Wonderful projects :) I will enjoy watching your progress on the Mira since I'm doing the SAL too.

  2. Oh Dima, I just love it when you show all your starts for the year all neatly stacked with threads on top of fabric and chart. It gets my stitching mojo all re-charged. ;-) Wow so many finishes in 2014... I'm so jealous. ;-p Glad you'll be joining wipocalypse this year and filling up your TUSAL jar again too!!!

    1. I love taking pictures of Floss tosses. I started doing them after seeing some Chatelaine floss tosses. And you're right they do get your stitching mojo excited. I wish more stitchers would do them.

  3. Wonderful goals for the year. I'll look forward to seeing your projects progress.