Friday, July 10, 2015

Eidelweiss Part 2

Life got in the way this week, so I wasn't able to put in as much time as I wished on Eidelweiss. In fact Wednesday was the first day I got the chance to stitch on it since Sunday and it feels like forever. I really wanted to work on it, but I kept being away from my desk. Because of how small it is, I need to stitch at my desk where my Ott lamp is set up and I can lay out my copy of Inspirations magazine.

So onto the pictures. When I stopped on Sunday, I had finished the cross stitch filling. The next step was adding the pinwheel blanket stitches right above that area (not my favorite stitch so far).

The last filling stitch was the four sided stitch. It's a very simple stitch as long as you concentrate and don't have anyone interrupt you. My sister came by a few times and I noticed when I looked at the back of my piece that I stitched the sequence incorrectly and had to undo it :| You'll know if it's incorrect because it forms x's at the back and stitched out of sequence the upper legs will not all be going in the same direction.

Below the two petals is a row of alternating detached chain stitch (a lazy daisy if you will) and straight stitches. Since I wasn't sure how far they should be from each other, I drew lines where I would stitch the detached chain stitches. The straight stitches will just go in between them.

Unfortunately, I didn't like how the detached chain stitches looked. The ones from the photo looked much narrower and had a sharper point. Mine came out a little rounder and you can see the fabric.

The solution? Fill the space with a straight stitch. I actually like how to looks now. I almost wish I could get the cotton broder special in a color other than white. It would look really nice in pink and white, mint green or lilac,... I could go on. Maybe I'll stitch another one in color if I can get my hands on the thread.

I stopped there at the end of the night.

The final step are the flowers stamens, which I stitched Thursday night. The stalks(?) are coral stitch again and the stamens themselves are stitched using blanket stitch, making sure to open up the center of the circle.

I've already started stitching the second flower, but I'll wait till I have more before posting pictures.

By the way, I've been toying with the idea of adding color in the piece using beads. The stems are all stitched with coral stitch, so I'm thinking of adding light green beads. I still have to check to see if I have any in my stash, but it would look like this. What do you guys think?