Monday, January 16, 2017

Heart and Flowers part 3

Since posting last week, I stitched all the beads on Heart and Flowers and started the finishing process.

However, before I could do that I did have one more thing to do on the needlebook. The instructions for this part were placed in the finishing section so I missed it. I had to stitch a border of four sided stitch AND blanket stitch on top of that, all around the piece.

The kit comes with everything to finish the set into a fob, needlebook and pincushion.

There is a piece of light blue fabric to stitch at the back of the cutwork to kind of hide the inside of the accessory. You don't want stuffing peeking out :P

I like to trim the edges to fit just in case the fabric creates a shadow.

Then it was time to cut out the pieces out. Before cutting, I created a channel half an inch away from the edge so I can make sure to cut straight and in the right spot. I found a half inch a bit too generous. It was hard to fold and maneuver around, but better be safe than sorry.

I started with the pincushion. The kit came with a long piece of quilt batting with instructions to cut squares to fit the inside of the stitched faces. I found the quilt batting a better option than regular stuffing. This way when you stick a needle in, it won't sink all the way in and get lost.

All the pieces are whip stitched together.

Once I had one side fully stitched to the gusset, I layered all the quilt batting in making sure they all sat on top of each other smoothly.

And then just stitch the other side on top of it.

Here's a picture to see how big it comes out. I'll post prettier pictures later.

For the needlebook it was really fast to do. The kit came with a piece of felt that fits exactly inside the stitched area. I simply backstitched it to the center line with a double strand of the white thread used for attaching the beads.

I have a line going down the spine but that's okay.

Here it is all done. Again I'll post better finished pictures later.

The only thing left is the fob. I've already made the cord (you can see it in previous pictures) but I still have to make the tassel. Hopefully I can get that done tonight. I'm not worried, this project will be finished before the end of the week for sure ;)


  1. The blues and whites are very beautiful together. Lovely pieces.

  2. Beautiful! Such a wonderful set of accessories.

  3. Congrats on the beautiful finish.


  4. They've turned out so pretty! A bit like those Dutch Delft blue tiles.

  5. Yes, charming - and the fabric backing the cutwork has just the right effect.

  6. It's beautiful. Thanks for the in process pictures for finishing--it's always interesting to see how it's all put together.

  7. Such beautiful and fine are very talented!

  8. Beautiful! Nice to see how you did it and really love the colour!