Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Pearl Butterfly Lesson 3

This lesson was very anti-climatic. It passed by so fast :|

In lesson 3, we learned how to stitch with a different type of padding.

This is used for the body of the butterfly. By the way dressmakers carbon I used was too faint on this fabric. It was okay for the wings, but the body wasn't visible at all under the artificial light. So I ended up having to retrace it with the white gelly roll pen.

Here it is all couched down.

We got to play with Whipped plate this lesson.

 I've seen videos of embroiderer's from fashion houses using this type of metal before so it was a lot of fun trying it out myself. I will have to see if I can find the video again to share with you.

It looks fabulous under natural light. Unfortunately all these were taken at night under artificial light.

I ended up working the body upside down. I found couching the whipped plate easier going up than going down. No idea why.

My butterfly is getting shinier!

This lesson we also started applying the majority of the Swarovski pearls.

These are couched down very similar to the way they do it with Japanese Bead Embroidery. Although I would make one adjustment for next time which would make it more secure. In Japanese Bead Embroidery, they string the beads on a doubled thread and couch down the line using a single thread. It makes it much more solid. I wish I thought of that on Saturday when I did it :P

So lesson 3 is all done :( I'm really sad I'll have to wait another 2 weeks for the next lesson. I'm going to try very hard to work get some progress on other projects and not start something new. Really really hard. I do have a project I've been tinkering with. It will be my first foray into designing my own pattern. I'm still finalizing all the details but I found that I'm really enjoying the process. I will be writing posts for sure to share with you, but I will most likely not publish them until after I come back from my vacation in April. The only hint I will give you is this: SFSND. Let's see if any of you will recognize the acronym :)


  1. Lol, I know what you are doing as I know what SFSNAD stands for :). Well done you! I was tempted myself, but there is a very long HosentrÀger in the way...

  2. The gold couching is beautiful. It will be a very blingy butterfly!

  3. wow, this is looking amazing! I've never used whipped plate, or even heard of it!

    No idea what SFSNAD stands for!

  4. I googled it. Wow, sounds fantastic!

  5. It certainly looks like good progress! And as for working the plate - up or down, it still looks good!

  6. The butterfly is looking more wonderful with each step!
    I cheated and Googled your acronym because all I could think of was Stitch From Stash for SFS!