Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Japanese Landscape - Part J

Slowly but surely I'm starting to get back to my regular stitching schedule. The next bit were the four little petals on the center flower. I did them in 30-minutes stitching sessions when I would get home from work. Anymore than that and it would have tired my eyes even more than they already are after a long day of staring at a computer screen.

The four petals are all stitched with a pearl purl outline and then filling with chipping in gold and copper. Have I mentioned how much I dislike random stitching? I had to make an effort so that it didn't end up looking like a zebra.

(click on the post to see the animation below)

It looks okay. My only annoyance is that the pieces are not all the same size, but that's from cutting the felt.

Here it is so far. Next step are the stems of the flowers on the left and right. Crossing my fingers I'll have some stitching time this weekend.


  1. Another lovely step. I don't think it matters than each piece is a slightly different shape, it's more natural that way.

  2. It’s vomin along so beautifully Dima. Random is never easy after all that exact stitching!

  3. Random stitching is very hard to do well, because humans are programmed to see patterns in things, so don't beat yourself up if you struggle. The results of the struggle are excellent!

  4. The flower is wonderful. It’s hard to carve out stitching time when you work all day!

  5. True randomness is hard to achieve, but I think you did great!

  6. I realy love following you along on this piece! And I agree with some of the other comments that irregularity is not always a bad thing :). Hope you'll get lots done this weekend!