Monday, September 10, 2018

Hanabatake - Part 9

Why part 9? Because the leaves are all done! I spent the day at home Saturday and powered through the rest of them.

There are still a few leaves here and there but I can now work on something that isn't green and gold. It will be a relief to add more colors to this piece.

Not to say things are moving any faster now. It takes some organization keeping track of the different bead combinations for the smaller flowers.

Good thing I have a plan already. Before starting, I marked out my color chart so I know exactly which color combination I'm using it.

It helps me stay in the flow and not have to stop and consult the pictures in the magazine.

The piece is moving along nicely.


  1. What a lovely piece Dima! And what a clever idea to mark your plan with the bead colours. Must remember that trick!

  2. This is so beautiful. Love how you've organized the charts and plans.

  3. Something detailed like this does demand a lot of organisation. Colouring the chart was a very good thought!

  4. This is a stunning piece and you're doing so well with it. There were a LOT of green beads!

  5. Great progress - I love the new colour combinations! Bet it feels nice to actually finish sections of it now.