Monday, November 12, 2018

Japanese Embroidery Phase 1 - Knots

Saturday was my monthly Japanese embroidery meeting. I tried working on the cords to continue what I started at the October retreat, but things just weren't working.

Instead of keeping at it and getting frustrated, I switched gears and decided to work on Japanese knots. There are quite a few in the piece, but I started with the bush clover flowers since those were started. Can I say, I'm not a huge fan of French knots but I love Japanese knots. They come out so cute.

The bush clover flowers are made up Japanese knots and covered with flat silk floss.

Sunday morning, I was still in the mood for Japanese embroidery. I set up my frame and continued doing Japanese knots, this time on the Chrysanthemums.

The knots of the chrysanthemums have a thread of gold mixed in with the silk. This is done for the orange and purple flowers. It makes a super pretty thread.

3 + 1 #1 gold/1 S-twist

Here are my three chrysanthemums all finished.

After lunch, I moved onto the valerians which also had knots along the upper edge. I was hoping to get both done but I underestimated how much time they would take. The valerians are still my favorite in the bouquet. That yellow is so beautiful and it looks even better once you add in the knots with the gold thread.

I though I took a final picture of the overall piece but I guess I forgot. I will take one when I finish the second valerian. Hopefully this weekend.

If you're wondering about Hanabatake, yes I did get my beads. And yes it has been finished. Yesterday evening I started the finishing process. I'll share a post as soon as I complete it.


  1. This is beautiful! The bush clover flowers remind me of pussy willows. When I expanded the photos, the Japanese knots on the chrysanthemums almost look like beads--so pretty.

  2. The knots do add a wonderful new texture, don't they!

  3. Your Japanese embroidery is so gorgeous!

  4. Those Japanese knots look so perfect! Could you do them with 'regular' floss and use them as a replacement for French knots? I don't mind doing them a lot (and never bothered looking up continental knots), but I'm still curious. I love the valerians as well!

  5. This is so beautiful Dima. I will have to look up Japanese Knots, you have me intrigued! I don’t mind French knots, so maybe I’d be the opposite to you!