Monday, February 11, 2019

Weekend Stitching

This weekend I finished the first mermaid on my Mirabilia piece. I unrolled the frame a little so I can take a picture. She's still missing beads but I'm leaving those till the end. There is a lot of Kreinik in this piece. I'm finding that I'm not having as much difficulty stitching with it as I used to. It might come down to my having more stitching experience now.

On Sunday, I worked on getting my lattice done. I didn't have any trouble undoing it, but I was still having trouble with the measurement. Despite my being careful I still started off measuring 1.8 cm but after wards started measuring 0.8 cm again. Not sure what was wrong with me. I had to undo it again a second time, but it worked on my third attempt. My second cloud is officially done. 

Now I just need to get that third one done. It's the biggest one yet, so it will take some time to finish as I'm limited with how long my twisted strand can be. Since we're incorporating a strand of gold, our silk can only be as long as our gold strand, which is about 18-19 inches long. I can twist 4 strands in about 30 minutes and then use them up in half that time. So very slow going.


  1. Your mermaid is gorgeous, but honestly I'm more curious about the lattice work! I eagerly wait to watch it come to life.

  2. It's certainly true that great experience will make a tricksy thread like the Kreinik less of an issue. And besides, you may by now have experienced other threads which are harder to manage, so it may not be the thread that's changed, but your perception of it!

  3. Your mermaid is coming along very quickly! It must be a nice project to work on of an evening. Your blue cloud looks great to me. I can’t imagin spending so long twisting thread to have it used so quickly. You clearly have a lot of patience!

  4. She is looking amazing! That Kreinik can be tricky, but using it more often does help.
    Your embroidery piece is coming along beautifully.

  5. I love that mermaid - I bet Kreinik is a piece of cake for you after all the other specialty threads you've been working with! Your cloud looks lovely but wow, that last one is big!