Saturday, April 13, 2019

Japanese Embroidery Phase 2-3 - Class Day 4

It's the last day of class and we still have two leaves to cover. The first order of business was to finish the flat silk foundation. 

Once that's done, I can start the steps to product the tie dye effect, or shibori in Japanese.

It's a lovely effect but I'm not sure how I feel about ruining the perfectly smooth layer of silk I had at the beginning. Someone commented on Instagram that it looked like spilled quicksilver, which was a really good description.

Unfortunately, I didn't have time to start stitching the third leaf. We did spend a few minutes discussing how to stitch it, so I should be okay. I'm not worried though, if I have questions I can email the teacher or leave that leaf for the next session.

Now I'm sure many of you have counted and there are not three leaves but four leaves inside the fan. The reason why we left it out, is that we should already know how to stitch it. It's the exact same pattern we stitched on the paper wrapping of the bouquet and is called flax-leaf effect.

After four days of class, we have lots of work ahead of us before the next session which will be in the fall. Here is a list of things I'd like to get completed before then:
  • finish sayagata cloud
  • finish shippo cloud
  • finish the snow flake in the upper right corner
  • finish the woven effect paulownia
  • finish the tie dye effect paulownia
  • start and finish the flax leaf effect paulownia
  • start and finish the separated single layer paulownia (low priority)
There is one more session this weekend for a group of students starting phase 1. I will be joining them either today and/or tomorrow with my own phase 1 for some quiet time to finish it.


  1. You've got plenty of homework to do, haven't you!

  2. The shibori is such a lovely effect. I imagine it would be a bit nerve wracking stitching over your beautiful flat silk.

  3. I can appreciate how you didn't like to disturb the white leaf. It did look so pristine and nice with the flat white silk. I must say though that the stitch you added on top does give it a nice texture, and changes the first impression from a cloud to a leaf now.

    Thank you for sharing your progress, its stunning to see what you are learning!

  4. C'est vraiment magnifique, Dima !! Tu brodes réellement très bien!

  5. Love sensu. You made good progress over the four days, was great to see the piece evolving. The layered effects give such a stunning finished look even though it is hard to cover up a perfectly sewn under layer.

  6. Just caught up with the last 3 posts. Wonderful work. I always appreciate the photos you take to show us all the steps.

  7. Great end to your classes! It looks to me that like when all the clouds and leaves will be done, there won't be that much more left to do!