Friday, December 6, 2019

Japanese Embroidery Phase 2-3 - Fuzzy Effect 1

A little update on my Hiogi fan. I made time last Sunday to stitch down the snowflake in the upper right corner. The reason this was such a high priority element, is that it's made up of long flat silk stitches. There is a danger of them shifting or getting snagged. For them to be secure they needed to be stitched down.

This technique is called fuzzy effect. There is a whole phase piece on it (phase 8) and is a really fun stitch but it requires very good light and eyes. The silk can be couched down either diagonally or vertically, using the same silk color or a different color to give a more blended effect. In my snowflake, we are using the same color silk and couching down diagonally.

This Saturday is my monthly Japanese embroidery class. Looking at my to do list, I have the cords up next but I think I want to give the cherry blossoms another go so I can finish the peach cloud. I'll see how I'm feeling then.

  • finish the snow flake in the upper right corner (high priority)
  • continue cords and finish them
  • finish shippo cloud
  • finish peach cloud
  • start and finish the separated single layer paulownia (low priority)


  1. It's a little hard to make out the progress, with the same colour for couching. However, I'm sure you'll have some very visible progress to show after your class!