Tuesday, March 17, 2020

March Trio Exhibition - Peggy Kimble

Before leaving for Brampton, I found about about a special exhibition happening in Blue Mountain, Ontario. It was two hours away from my hotel so a little too far. However, I ended up meeting with a friend who lived 40 minutes from my hotel in the same direction, which made the trip not seem so far when traveling in good company.

I was so happy we could make this happen as the exhibition was showcasing the works of Peggy Kimble, who was one of the first Japanese embroidery teachers in Canada. In fact, she was the teacher of my mentors who guide me today on my own journey.

We unfortunately couldn't make it to the opening reception and meet Peggy in person, but we still enjoyed seeing all the pieces she has stitched over the years. The picture below is a short bio on Peggy's life.

For all those who cannot visit in person, here are pictures of the pieces that were exhibited. They were amazing to see in person as you really can't showcase the shine of the metal thread and silks used in the embroidery. Seeing them all in person has expanded my wishlist by quite a bit...



  1. Thank you so much for sharing your photos. The embroidery is so beautiful. And I’m fascinated with the temari. Would so much love to learn to do that.

  2. What beautiful work. I love the first one of the crane in particular. I also recognise the bouquet of flowers you embroidered.

  3. Oh gosh, these pieces are all so wunderful! And isn't that the bouquet you stitched for Phase 1?