Monday, August 24, 2020

Fiber Talk Podcast

No embroidery update from me this week. My friend recently bought a chalet in the Saguenay–Lac-Saint-Jean region (5 hour drive) and invited me for the weekend. We had really nice weather and went blueberry picking. The area is known for their delicious blueberries.

While I was there, I also taped a podcast with Fiber Talk where I shared some of the projects I've stitched over the years. If you've never heard of Fiber Talk, I definitely recommend you check them out. Hosted by Gary Parr and Beth Ellicott, it initially started as a podcast and now it also includes video chats on YouTube. They do three podcasts a week; one is an interview with a fiber artist/teacher/designer, the second is a mid-week chat and the third is a live show on Friday where they invite stitchers to showcase their work. 

I was recommended by a follower on my blog. So I just want to say, thank you! I write this blog as a personal journal of my stitching journey, but I'm always happy to know that someone out there finds my writing useful.


  1. So enjoyed your Fibre Talk interview and hearing some of the background of your embroidery journey.

  2. That was lovely to hear - and you had a chance to talk about a lot of pieces, too!

  3. I just watched the interview over two evenings. It was lovely to revisit some of your work and to hear you chatting about it. I think you and Beth should do more videos together, I follow both of you and love hearing you both talk about your work.
    Please keep blogging too, I love seeing each step in the process and you do explain things so well.

  4. I had never heard of fibre talks before but got the link to your interview saved now, so I hope to watch it soon!