Monday, November 2, 2020

October TUSAL

Dawn to Dusk took over my ORT jar this month. I spent all weekend on it, really concentrating on the brocade. I was originally going to finish the first layer only and reward myself with filling a star, but it went so well I just kept going to the second layer.

Some stuff came up last week and my goals have shifted as it looks like I will have a few new projects coming in, especially in December and January. These projects will require big frames for the most part and in order to save space, I decided I need to finish Dawn to Dusk by December. Tight schedule I know, but I think I can manage it and finishing the brocade will definitely help. I feel like a fire has been lit in me and I'm excited to start. A big change in attitude from last week.

I'm looking at my other WIPs to see what other pieces I can clear up and realised I never posted an update on Bramble and the Rose. I completed all the cross stitch about three weeks ago, but you haven't seen the end of that piece yet. I've decided not to frame it but to turn it into a table center. I will be adding a drawn thread border and hemming the edges. I know what I need to do, I just need to execute at this point. I think I will make one of my goals for this week to start the process, so I can share pictures.


  1. You're certainly sounding bright, and positive, and full of plans! Looking forward to seeing them evolve!

  2. You have made lots of progress on this one. I guess rearranging your desk worked wonders!
    Looking forward to seeing the fully finished Bramble & Rose.

  3. Oh, great progress! You seem to be flying through that brocade now. I'm excited to see your big new projects - where does the pretty blue fabric in your jar come from, though?