Thursday, April 1, 2021

Karahana - Lesson 2

 Last weekend, we had lesson 2 on Karahana. We mainly covered how to stitch the petal turnovers. 

The turnovers are outlined with two rows of a pair of metal threads. The inside is stitched in a technique called "to and fro", very similar to basket weave in English goldwork. Before we can get to the stitching, we have to put in padding.

Cotton padding is used and then these are wrapped very tightly. I used gold cotton sewing thread, the same stuff we use in English goldwork, as it'll give me a more rigid line.

The one petal turnover took all day. The padding is very tedious but it must be done. I'll have four more to look forward to in the future. For now though, I'll need to stitch the first petal. We covered other parts of the piece but didn't get the chance to stitch anything. So much is dependent on getting that first petal done.

For next class, I need to:
  • Complete padding the turnover - Done
  • Put in the karayori spacing between the turnover and the petal
  • Start and complete the first petal. Once I start, I have to commit and complete it as we need the #4 gold for lesson 3
  • Stems for the trefoils elements. I need to pick up some twisted gold for this
  • Extra: if the first petal is completed and I have time, stitch the curled stem that is next to it


  1. where do you get these patterns and pieces?

    thank you.

  2. It can be exasperating so much time on things that won't be seen, but we can at least comfort ourselves that if it isn't right, we would know!

  3. This is a very labour intensive process but I am sure that getting the groundwork just right will be essential to the finished look.

  4. That looks very interesting! I'm looking forward to see how the petal itself will be done.