Friday, April 19, 2013

Off to Korea

Tomorrow my sister and I are flying off to South Korea for a two week vacation =D

I've already made a list of things we will want to see as well as stores (yay! New stash!) we would like to visit. I will try to upload pictures, but I will probably have limited access to my blog while there.

As always, whenever I go on vacation, I take a cross stitch project with me. Usually I start something new before leaving and just work on it on the plane. Last year, I took Flower Patch. I still haven't finished (below is a picture of what it looks like currently), but I decided to start a new one anyways.

Which is why I kitted out the Bramble and the Rose last month. The one color will make stitching on a plane easier.

Here's a floss toss. I had bought this super cute 6" x 6" Q-snap (my third one now, I just couldn't resist) super useful for the flight. It's small enough to fit my new project bag. I also needed something for the hand-dyed floss. I've seen some stitchers use rings made from mother of pearl, but since I can't find anything like that here in Montreal, I decided to look for other alternatives. I found a bag of Boye Cabone Rings at Michaels which will do the job very nicely. I actually have no idea what they're actually used for, found them in the knitting and crochet section, but it works.

I always start the projects before the flight. It's always easier to continue a project than to start a new one in an environment like that. My progress so far!

One thing I'm finding hard is doing full cross stitch instead of doing the legs in one direction and coming back and doing the other leg. I hate having a messy back, sigh!

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