Monday, April 6, 2020


A little late for my TUSAL report. I actually don't remember where most of the threads come from as I was away for two weeks last month. That and the days are slowly merging into each other and I'm losing track.

I had a busy weekend. Saturday was our monthly Japanese embroidery day. Initially it was cancelled, but one of our members suggested we use Zoom as she had an account. Thanks to her we had a nice day of stitching and chatting. 

Please ignore my messy desk
Because I was on a call all day, no one at home wanted to come near me as they would show up on the webcam. This gave me plenty of uninterrupted time and I was able to finish my foundation. The next step is to anchor it all down to keep it from shifting.

I also worked on Midnight Meander, I will share an update in a separate post...


  1. What a fabulous way to spend the day! And a great way to get some privacy too.

  2. The days are getting rather blurred together, aren't they!

  3. Great way to keep away distractions, and great stitching progress, too!