Monday, November 22, 2021

Hiogi - Nearing the End

I didn't post last week but I'm still on my stitching streak. The 2-3 sessions for the cords ended up being one session. Below is my tassel fully stitched except for the couched lines and Japanese knots.

I'm getting so close to the end that I decided I needed a checklist of what's leftover. Doing this helps me plan what threads I need to make. Not the standard twisted threads but the karayori and katayori that need to be dampened and dried.

One full day was spent making threads and putting in the tassel lines. I'm realizing now I have no pictures from that but it's the same thing as the purple tassel. Below are my katayori and karayori. They're both meant to be couched and the katayori is a bumpy thread vs the smooth karayori. It's actually very pretty when twisting it with gold thread.

The clouds all have two rows of pairs of katayori couched. This helps hide the edges.

The same thing is done with the paulownia but this time with one katayori and one #5 gold thread. It's a really pretty way to neaten the edges.

Very pretty but leaves you with quite a mess. All these threads have to be plunged and tied down at the back.

The plunging is done but now I have tie downs to look forward to. My least favorite thing but it needs to be done. I finished quite late yesterday so the lighting is horrible. I'll take a nicer picture when I pull it out again.

Not long now, just a lot of couching left to do as well as that snowflake you can barely see near the orange cord. I'm looking through my notes and I put this piece on the frame December 15, 2018. It would be amazing to get it done before that date. Right on time for it's 3 year anniversary.


  1. It's so beautiful! I look forward to seeing it finished!

  2. Certainly coming along well. The newly twisted threads do make a lovely tidying-up for the edges.

  3. Beautiful work. All these finishing touches really do make a difference to the piece. The colours are so vibrant too.