Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Japanese Embroidery

I've always been fascinated by different types of embroidery, but the one that has caught my eye the most is Japanese Embroidery. Every once in a while I would do a Google search and see if anything new has popped up and try to decide if I should join the JEC and enroll in classes to learn.

I haven't done it so far because if I do, it would be to enroll in the Phase I class to start on the journey to get certified in it. It would be a HUGE commitment, because the classes and the materials are not cheap. And also, there are no teachers in my area. All the ones in Canada are out West, so my only choice would be to go to the US.

But I'm so tempted. I mean look at these http://www.nuido.org/photo_gallery/Gallery2.htm.

At this moment there are so many things that I would like to learn, that I feel like I don't have time at all for any of it lol. But for now, I got this book:

This book was written by the founder of the JEC. It gives a very good introduction to Japanese Embroidery and has lots of detailed pictures of various techniques used. The book is actually discontinued now, I had to search around online for it, and found it on Alibris. There are still some copies available here if anyone is interested.

One thing is for sure, if I do end up moving away from Montreal, I will make sure that the next place I live in will be more accommodating to my hobbies :P


  1. Hi Dima, thank you for your comment on my blog, glad you are enjoying the posts. To answer your question about the designs, the ones from JEC come with the line drawing already transfered onto the fabric.
    PS looking forward to welcoming you into the JE family ;-)

    1. Thank you! For now I will study the book I got and continue with cross stitching. But one day for sure, I will take the plunge ^_^

  2. I love Japanese embroidery and completed few of my projects. I often bought embroidery books from Japan Lovely Crafts form I get books of my taste.