Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Teresa Wentzler

I think I have an obsession with Teresa Wentzler patterns. I just received from eBay two more purchases of TW patterns. One is Tea Scene which is a really delicate work of both cross stitch and hardanger (which I have never tried before) and The Best of Teresa Wentzler Fantasy Collection Volume 2. Okay, I will be truthful, what I really wanted was Celestial Dragon, but figured I might as well get the book which also came with 10 other patterns. So that's how I ended up with 12 new patterns.

Seeing as I've been accumulating TW patterns left and right, I figured I should at least try to do one to see if I'd be able to (more like if I have the patience to) start and finish a pattern. For those who know TW's designs they understand what I mean. Her designs are beautiful and very detailed, using a lot of quarter stitches and blended threads. That and they are big. It is not a project you'd want to start unless you are ready to. Anyhow, I went to her site and found that she has a few free patterns up and decided to try one out.

I decided on "Stretch" the Magic Dragon. Here is a picture of the floss toss. I'm using a 32ct Jobelan in Lambswool, it's the same fabric as the one used in Flower Patch. I also bought a mini hoop. Isn't it cute :)

Here is what my progress looks like after stitching all weekend and a few hours everyday this week, approximately 22 hours. A very good progress, although I have slowed down once those quarter stitches started appearing. But I will get better at it. Can't wait to start on the dragon :)

Update: I received other things from eBay, but more on that on another day.

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