Thursday, September 6, 2012

New Start

I've been planning this project for forever. I found this pattern two years ago and its been in the back of my head, that if I ever do a Mirabilia it would be Stargazer. Well, during my trip in San Francisco (in May) I went to and asked the sales lady to help me kit Stargazer and Tree of Hope. Unfortunately she didn't have the pattern for Stargazer, but we did find the list of beads required so I asked her to pull those out for me and I decided since I was there I would pick out the fabric as well.

A few months later, I managed to gather all the threads that I needed and noticed that the fabric, which was gorgeous, and the threads didn't really match :(

So I went to eBay to see if I can find another fabric and discovered this seller hshneedlecrafts. She has a very good selection of fabric and if its not in her store, you can send her a message for a special order. The fabric is a 28ct Hand-Dyed Cashel Linen called cameo. It's kind of plain but I feel it will suit the pattern better. I will keep the other fabric for one of Mirabilia's mermaid patterns.

I worked on it for a few minutes yesterday. The fabric is very nice to the touch.

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