Monday, October 15, 2012

Dessins Isadarena

I've been following a cross-stitcher from France named Isabelle and I always love her blog because its so pretty and feminine. She is actually the reason why I have Chatelaine designs on my wishlist. After seeing her progress and how beautiful they come out I just had to add them.

Isabelle also designs very beautiful patterns based on old french "broderie au filet". I ended up buying 3 of them and she gave me an extra one as a gift (Patins d'Argent). My favorite is Le Cerisier. I can just see it as a cushion.

Merci Isabelle pour vos merveilleux dessins! Je vais avoir beaucoup de plaisir a les brode

Le Cerisier
Tendre Amitie
La Serenade
Patins D'Argent
I also worked on Stargazer all of last week. Here's an update picture:

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