Monday, December 10, 2012

Not so new craft

For a while now I've had this craving to crochet again, but I didn't want to make amigurumis or even work with wool yarn. What I really wanted to try is crocheting with thread. Unfortunately I didn't have the thread or the hooks to do so. I spent a lot of time googling, looking at different styles, like doilies and fillet crochet, and discovered some new crafts I never knew about like "Bobbin Lace" (google it and look at the pictures, it's mind boggling).

Last week, I told myself enough waiting and ordered the set of lace hooks by Hamanaka. I already own the other set and LOVE them. But by Thursday they still hadn't come in and I got impatient.

After 10 minutes at Walmart, I came out with a simple steel hook and a huge ball of Aunt Lydia's thread:

3 days and 2 restarts later, I had this doily almost done. I'm reading off a Japanese chart and the great thing about it is that from the pattern you can clearly see what the doily should look like while working on it. While in written charts you have to sit down and decipher every line like its a code (which it is).

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