Tuesday, December 18, 2012

First Doily Finished

My first doily!

It's not bad as a first project. But I still have to figure out the proper tension. It's very tight in certain areas but loose in others. I still have to block it (trying to find something to use as a blocking board), so maybe it will be better after. I actually finished last week but then I got sick. The flu season has started and just in time for the first fall of snow here.

Another piece of news, my new crochet hooks are here :) but they didn't get here till AFTER I finished the doily.

I've already started using them on my next project, this time it will be an oval doily, and the hooks are awesome. There is such a huge difference in grip between these and the cheap steel hook I bought at Wallmart. If you are interested in these hooks, there is an ebay seller arpat_yarn, who has them in stock. Look for them under Japan Hamanaka Crochet Hooks. Believe me they are worth every penny.

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