Thursday, January 3, 2013

New Year, New Starts

It's a new year and stitchers all around are preparing this year's rotation. Since I don't have that many projects in WIP, my list will be very short:
  • Chibi Ichigo, I really should have finished him last year, only his hair is left
  • Mirabilia - Stargazer, only the beading is left
  • Papillon Creations - Flower Patch, surrounding vines left to do
  • Papillon Creations - Castle in the Air SAL (from 2011), currently finishing part 13
A few projects that I'm planning (for now) on starting this year from my stash are:
  • Mirabilia - Tree of Hope, only to be started when Stargazer is completed
  • Tereza Wentzler - Peacock Tapestry
  • Butternut Road - Earthdancer
I also started crocheting again. I don't really plan these projects. They're more on a per request/need basis, except when I'm trying out new things. I do know that I have the ones below started or to start soon:
  • Mystery project that I have to finish before spring. I might mention it on the blog but I can't post any pictures until its done. It's a surprise!
  • Kangaroo Amigurumi, requested by my sister. I bought the wool this week, it's so soft and pretty!
  • Oval Doily, this I've already started. I'll post some progress pictures soon
That's it for now. I'll post more tomorrow.

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