Saturday, March 30, 2013

My Stash is Here!

I went to meet my friend to pick up my stash :) Here are pictures of what I got from Needle In A Haystack:

The fabric that I picked is Lakeside Linens 32 count in Vintage Light Examplar and the thread is Threadworx Overdyed Floss in Grape (it looks awesome in person). The needle minder is part of the care package Cathe put together for me, it's a cameo of a flower fairy. Super cute!

She also included a second needle minder from Mag Friends and two patterns. One is by Lizzie Kate (this designer seems very popular) called "Flowers" and it comes with the fabric and embellishments. The second one is by By the Bay Needlheart called "Heart to Heart". The chart contains 3 patterns. I love the different ideas she offers to finish the pattern. However, what I love most are the crochet hearts that are in the picture, the pattern for which she offers here. I will definitely be making those =D.

My favorite new stash though is the project bag. I LOVE IT! It's so practical, cute and will fit in my purse. I will definitely be taking it with me when I go on vacation. Did I mention I'm going to South Korea next month? I will be taking the project bag with the kitted "Bramble and the Rose" in it for the plane trip (18 hours o.O), it will keep me from going stir crazy.

On a separate note, I finally finished my secret crochet project ^o^. More on that next week.

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