Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Trying Something New

I've been thinking about trying more traditional forms of embroidery for a while and after looking at a lot of pictures, I finally decided to try it out.

The first step was figuring out how to trace a template onto fabric. I had tracing paper and I bought this red pencil that you can use to transfer patterns on fabric by ironing it on. I didn't like the effect. Although it worked it was just too faint. Also, I think I bought the wrong fabric for what I'm trying to do. It feels too thin after working with linen.

After I wasted a day trying to get the pencil to work, I ended up just sticking the template on my desk with masking tape, sticking the fabric on top of it and tracing the whole thing using a mechanical pencil. I figure for my first project, I shouldn't care if the pencil marks won't come out.

So far I've only done Lazy Daisies. I'll have to do more research on other types of stitches to determine which to use for each. But I would love to try some of Trish Burr's embroidery techniques on the bigger petals. Not sure if the fabric is appropriate thought.

On a more cheerful not, I'm getting some new stash! =D

One of my friends needed to go to San Francisco and mentioned that if I needed anything she would bring it back for me. So I contacted Needle in a Haystack, the shop I went to when I was in San Francisco, to see if they would be able to get an order ready in time for my friend to get it and bring it back for me.

I knew I wanted to kit Bramble and the Rose, so I picked out fabric and thread. I had a few back-and-fourth emails with Cathe, the owner, because I needed so much of the hand-dyed thread and they didn't have enough of the color I needed in stock and I had set a deadline... She was very helpful and patient in helping me get what I needed on time, going so far as to personally drop off my package at my friend's.

I also decided that since my birthday was coming, I deserved a little something special. So I asked Cathe to also include a care-package. I decided on a budget and requested that she fill one of her Project Snap bags with goodies.

My friend took a few pictures to tease me:

The last picture shows the fabric and the project bag filled with goodies. No peak into what's inside yet. I'll have to wait till Friday to see what's in it.

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  1. Ooooh new stash and look at that fun project bag!!!

    Thank you for the b-day wishes!