Monday, July 28, 2014

Break Needed

Originally this post was going to be called "I HATE French Knots" but after finishing them all and moving on to the next layer I forgot all about that.

On my last port, I mentioned that I stitched the Hungarian Criss Cross stitch with the wrong thread. I fixed that on Friday and started restitching it with the correct thread. Once I finished that, I took a look at the next step, and seeing French Knots, I promptly stopped for the day. I needed a fresh start since I had to do so many LOL.

Octagon A with French knot layer
I stitched the French Knots on both Octagons A and C, so I wouldn't have to waste time pulling the thread out twice.

Overall view
Once those were done, I was excited to move onto the next step and ended up stitching the entire day, which was a VERY bad idea. Because my stitches are so tight, I'm having a hard time passing the needle under the stitches when I'm starting a new thread. Which causes me to pull hard and straining my right hand. By the end of the night I was feeling some pain up to my elbow (not as bad as last time, then the pain extended to my shoulder). I feel better this morning, but I won't be stitching on Spirit of the Southwest for at least a week just in case.

Here's a picture of where Octagon A is now. Octagon C is at about the place except for the last layer in peach(?) thread.
Octagon A as it is now

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  1. I love every photo you post of this. It's just so pretty!