Monday, August 11, 2014

Stash From the US

My co-worker was sent to the US this year again, this means I obviously put in an order for new stash. Can't waste the opportunity.

I've already mentioned that I didn't really like the beginner's Hardanger book I got. I had ordered it before I found out about these amazing books. Both books are by Janice Love and were recommended to me by other stitchers (it's even mentioned as a reference in the pattern I bought in June). By the way, Nordic Needle is the best source to get these two books from.

Hardanger books by Janice Love
I spent the weekend reading the first one "Hardanger Basics and Beyond" and realized that I did a bunch of things wrong. Most of them have to do with how threads are supposed to be anchored or passed beneath existing stitches. Which is okay, I'm almost done with my piece and changing anything would just make it look weird. But I sure wish I had this book before I started stitching. It's Awesome! It shows all the stitches in detail and covers do's and don't's as well as expert advice. I really like the pictures at the end of the book that shows bad stitches and how they went wrong.

I love reading Nordic Needle newsletter which I get by email, especially the ones where long time stitchers share their stories. It's a great way of finding out about patterns :). In one of the articles, the stitcher had embroidered a pattern from the 2005 Award Winning Design booklets that's published every year by Nordic Needle. She had stitched the runner that is second from the right and it looked amazing.

In for a penny, in for a pound. I also ended up getting extension bars for my 17" Q-snaps and ordered one of the Q-snap covers just to try them out.

I wanted to try wooden hoops and heard about these from Mary Corbett's website. They are by Access Commodities and can be found at Hedgehog Handworks. Now when I placed my order, it was before I bought the Elbesee hoop in July (I got too impatient). I'm glad I did though, because I was able to see them side by side.

No offense against the Elbesee hoop, it works great and once it's bound I don't really worry about my stitches, but you can clearly see a difference in workmanship. The Access Commodities hoop feels more solid in my hand and the wood is nicely sanded down.

I worked a little on my WIPs last week. Not as much because I've been spending most of my free time reading. I have a corner and a half of another left on the Hardanger piece, so I think I will try to finish that this week.

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