Friday, October 17, 2014

New Books

I love books and I can't seem to stop buying them. I especially love embroidery technique books. I don't always post pictures of them on the blog when I buy them. But I bought so many this months that I had to share :)

The first one is a book that Mary Corbett reviewed on her website (you can click the link for a review). I was attracted to the colors and the geometric designs.

Il manuale completo del ricamo estense

They remind me of the plates my parents brought back from Turkey. Here is an example of what they look like.

The next book I found at a flea market for $8. It's an old copy of Therese de Dillmont "Encyclop├ędie des ouvrages de dames". I already own a copy that was published in 2013, but this one was published in 1946 by DMC.

You can see the inside of the book is nicely covered.

Printed by DMC
A while back, I registered for a shuttle tatting class that ended up getting cancelled. The owner told me that he would call when the class gets rescheduled but never did. I had payed a deposit and kept going back to ask about the class to see when it would take place. I've finally given up on that and asked for a refund, which I was given. But then I spent that money on books :P 

One book on shuttle tatting (I was always better at learning when I had a specific project in my mind) and the other is beaded embroidery. I've been eyeing the second book for a long while, the pictures are yummy :). You can look through the book by clicking this link and selecting "Feuilleter".

The last three aren't books but patterns. I got these three from stitchingdestashing. They were sold as a bundle, but the one I really wanted was M'Lady's Treasures. The M design and Just Nan (my first one!) are Christmas patterns and I don't think I'll ever stitch them. So if anyone is interested in a swap, please let me know. The Just Nan pattern comes with the beads and charm. The pictures are not very clear, here are links to their product page: Just Nan's Lady Scarlet's Christmas and M Designs Christmas Tree.

Now let's talk about the one I really wanted. I really liked the look of it, and thought it was a pulled thread pattern. When I got it I read through the instructions and realized there is more to it than that. First of all I have to transfer the pattern by hand on the fabric (which I've never done), then there's pulled thread, Hardanger, cut work, needlepoint, surface embroidery,... When I saw the instructions my jaw dropped. I'll still do it, but I think I need to time to prepare and research lol.

I only wanted this one
Six more days till the Creative Festival! Did I forget to mention I'm going again this year :D

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