Thursday, October 2, 2014

Octagon D Completed

Yesterday I put in the final stitch on Octagon D. This is my favorite to date (probably because there were no French Knots lol).

It started off with the dreaded Rayon thread, but things picked up really fast once I got through them. The plus sign in the middle is surrounded by long stitched.

This was followed by more long stitches that form what looks like a feather. The final effect is really nice, except the two threads are the exactly the same. Because of the thread conversion (not sure if it's because I'm doing the Deep Blue Sea colorway), I ended up with both stitches being in the same color. It still looks nice in person anyways.

This was followed by the fastest stitching I've ever done. It starts off with more diagonal stitches to form a "lattice" which are then tethered by tent stitches over 2 threads (I'm probably not using the right words).

And here it is all done!

Here it is all together. Seeing how fast this is going, I'm wondering if I can finish Spirit of the Southwest before the end of the year. That's something to think about.

4 down, 5 to go

I've started looking at the patterns for Octagons E and F and they are really complex. I have sticky-notes everywhere on the pattern lol. So many that you can't even see the pattern itself anymore.


  1. That's so very pretty! I really like watching your progress on this. I'm always eager to see what the next finished octagon center will look like.