Wednesday, September 30, 2015

18th Century Sampler - Block #2, 5

Wow, third post in one week! This project has been moving pretty fast.

In the last picture I post yesterday of this piece, you could see that I was stitching one of the remaining darning blocks (with all the octopus arms). That was block #2. It looks very similar to block #16 but with less empty spaces.

Block #2 
 Again, I kept the cream color as the main focus, letting the green compliment it.

Block #5
Here is the overall piece so far. I'm going to continue working on filling the squares, unless I get tempted by those easy satin stitch borders.


  1. You're making good progress there - it is looking good!

  2. Beautiful piece and great progress!

  3. Such a beautiful piece and you are doing a fantastic job on it.


  4. looking pretty, this is a lovely project.

  5. It's looking great, this is going to be beautiful