Tuesday, September 8, 2015

18th Century Sampler - Pre-work

This Saturday I finished all I'll be doing for pre-work for the 18th Century Sampler. I think it should be enough to make sure I don't fall too behind in class.

Now I just have to wait for my class book. I don't know if I should curse the fact that we had a long weekend or be happy. I mean we had a day off, but it meant that my class book's delivery date was delayed. I ended up spending the long weekend reading Manga instead of stitching on my other WIPs.

In other news, it's finally September and there are 35 days left before the Toronto Creative Festival. It'll be my third year attending and I've already registered for my classes. I'll post up a list of the classes I registered for once we get closer to the date. Let me know if any of you are attending :)


  1. A great start, and I look forward to watching your progress!

  2. I can imagine the delay was frustrating, but you have made a good start!

  3. Great start!
    I've missed a few posts.... Sorry! Did you manage to get a new light??