Monday, October 19, 2015

Creative Festival 2015 Day 1

My first day I took a class with Katherine Drummond aka Gingerbread Girl Designs. The class was called Precious Jewel and is a Punto Antico embroidery. It is the same type of embroidery as last years class Gelati al Cioccolato. Last year's ornament was part of a series of Gelato flavors, while this year's theme is jewels. She had picked all the kit colors to match a line of Swarovski opalescent beads.

I went with the pink kit for a change instead of the purple one which is lovely. There were other colors like turquoise and satin grays.

Finished version
She also brought other pieces from the series. They're all stitched in different colors and have a unique pattern.

Each one has a different punto antico center and whipped stitched pattern.

The great thing about this year's class is that we had 6 hours to work on it. Last year's was only 3 hours and it was a little hard for all of us to get enough done to be able to start the cut-work in class. With 6 hours, many of us had finished all the cut-work and started working on the centers.

While we were studiously working, Katherine was finishing one of her already stitched pieces into an ornament. This year, the ornaments are oval. It was great to listen to her tips and ask her questions based on my experience from last years ornament. For example, this year I need to remember to use a glue stick and not the white glue when sticking the batting to the mat. Hopefully this time my finishing skills will get better.