Monday, October 12, 2015

TO Here I Come

It's that time again! This years Creative Festival is starting a week earlier, so we get to use the North building at the Metro Toronto Convention Center. This means there is less walking as it's usually in the South building which is all the way in the back. I'm really excited to go this year as it will be the first time I'm going as an EAC member and will be meeting some of the members of Virtual Threads in person.

I ended up getting a Gold pass again, giving me 21 hours of workshops. And here's the line up for this year:
I'm taking classes with 3 teachers I met last year: Kathryn Drummond, Erla Wilson and Kim Beamish. They're all excellent teachers and I really enjoyed their classes. Kathryn is teaching Punto Antico again, it will give me a chance to practice what I learned last year and hopefully improve my finishing techniques ;) Erla Wilson's class is a needlecase which I keep wanting to make, so here's my chance.

I'm learning 3 new techniques this year: needle tatting, lace knitting and bead weaving. I'm pretty excited as I've always wanted to learn these. Although for the tatting I was aiming for shuttle but it shouldn't make a difference, right?

I was kind of worried about the lace knitting class as it targets advanced beginners and as you know I'm only starting knitting. So far I've never even finished anything lol. In order to remedy that and not look like an idiot, I've started yet another knitting project this time with lace weight thread.

When I went to buy the circular needles I needed for the class, the sales lady was very encouraging and helped me pick out the needles and recommended a free pattern and thread to help me prepare. The pattern is called Out of Gas and has been pretty simple so far. Although I'm kind of wondering if it's supposed to be crooked like that or if it will even out eventually. The holes aren't even either. In any case, between this and the Craftsy class I started I shouldn't slow down the class too much. I hope.

I will be taking a cell phone with data plan. So I should be able to post some pictures on Instagram while I'm there. But I tend to get distracted and forget while I'm in the moment. I'll try to post at least at the end of each night.


  1. Sounds like you'll have a wonderful time. Enjoy it all!

  2. What a great line up of classes! I wish I could go too.

  3. Enjoy yourself. I'm sure you will return excited and inspired!