Monday, November 2, 2015

18th Century Sampler - Satin Stitch Borders, Blocks #4, 1, 6

Since my last post on SJ Designs 18th Century Sampler, it's progressed a lot so there will be lots of pictures ahead. (Because the clocks have been set back, I had lovely light this morning to take pictures)

First off I was able to finish all the Satin stitch borders.

Satin Stitch Border #1
I decided to stitch the second satin stitch border in ecru only since I couldn't figure out a nice way to combine the two colors.

Satin Stitch Border #2
 And for the sake of symmetry I did the same for the third border...

Satin Stitch Border #3
Going back to the two colors for the last border.

Satin Stitch Border #4
At this point I was fed up with stitching upside down, since it meant constantly flipping the chart as well. So I decided to finish up the blocks in the top row. Block #4 is a Hardanger block and a very fun to stitch. The filling stitch at the center has woven bars with picots and a dove's eye.

Block #4

I moved onto the first two pulled thread blocks. Now, if anyone ever decides they want to stitch this here's a piece of advice: don't do what I did! DON'T pick a canvas fabric for this piece! Everything is fine and dandy until you have to pull those threads. My fingers hurt from pulling on the pearl cotton, I'm still surprised I didn't snap the pearl thread.

The results are pretty (except for the warped sides on this block), I decided to stick to ecru only for the pulled thread blocks to tie back in with the darning blocks in the middle row.

Block #1
I actually ended up stitching Block #6 twice. The image on the right is what it looked like on my first attempt. I stitched it on Saturday, but when I got up on Sunday I just hated it. It looked nothing like the image on the cover of the class booklet (it seems that the image of the block within the booklet didn't match the final image of the design). So I snipped it all out and started again.

It looks much better on  my second attempt, but let me tell you it was very painful getting it to look that nice. Like they always say: One must suffer for beauty!

Block #6
Here's a front view of my 18th Century Sampler. All that's left are two pulled thread blocks, three borders and then the final outer boarder that goes all around it. I've already started block #12 and should be able to finish it tonight.


  1. Absolutely stunning. Well done!

  2. Love your animation!

    It's going well, even if some of it is giving you some grief!

  3. I hate to be repetitive, but stunning is the first word that comes to mind.

  4. This is beautiful, just the sort of stitching I love. perfect