Monday, August 29, 2016

Eyelets Begone!

I was under the weather all of last week. I always catch a cold at least once in winter and once in summer. For some reason, I though I dodged the bullet this year as summer was almost over and I didn't catch a cold. But no such luck! Anyways, I have a rule: If I'm sick, I don't stitch. Especially not something as sensitive as cutting fabric.

I managed to get one corner on Fandango done last Wednesday, just before things started going really bad. Once I started getting congested I was KO'd for the rest of the week.

I spent a lot of it sitting outside soaking in the sun, and hopefully some vitamin D to beat my cold. However, I'm not one to sit around and do nothing either. For some reason, an old WIP sprang to mind. It was both boring AND safe :)

Yup, I took out Fantasy Lace and knocked out all the remaining eyelets =D No more eyelets! Which means I met my goal on this project for this year. I actually had half of the border left to do and was able to knock out the longer side in 5 hours and the smaller side on Sunday. I think with my state of mind, it was easy for me to zone out while stitching them, as I was already half asleep anyways. Here's a picture in case you forgot how big the piece is.

By Sunday I was feeling much better, enough that I felt safe starting the hem stitch border on one of the smaller sides.

I didn't get much done. The instructions were confusing (or my brain was still addled) and took me a while to start.

Monday morning, finds me much better with a slight cough that will take a while to go away, but I can now safely go back to working on Fandango.


  1. Sorry you're under the weather. Fandango looks wonderful. Feel better soon.

  2. I'm sorry to hear you were sick and glad to know you're on the mend. Hooray for mindless stitching and well done for finishing the eyelets. It's a beautiful piece and deserved some love.

  3. I entirely agree. A woolly bad-cold head and cutting threads do not go together. But knocking off a WIP is a pretty good result!

  4. Hope you continue to improve. What beautiful pieces!

  5. I'm sorry you were under the weather. Your progress looks beautiful, though! :)

  6. How miserable to be ill. It sounds like a very sensible idea to stitch something simpler. I sneezed on a piece of hand-dyed fabric once and the colour changed. Luckily it was at the edge.