Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Labor Day Long Weekend

Last Friday was our last half-day of the summer, starting this week we're back to our regular schedule. I'm going to miss those Fridays! At least we got a long weekend out of it and the weather was fabulous.

I took the time last week to finish all the corners for my Italian hemstitch so I can take advantage of the good weather. I tried stitching one of the corners outside and it was very awkward. So I made sure to do the rest inside.

Once the corners are done, the Italian hemstitch for Fandango is done in two rounds. I first had to bundle the fabric in groups of four threads while simultaneously drawing the thread out of the way. This was very slow. The stitching goes really fast, but removing the thread kept interrupting my rhythm.

Once I got all the way around, I had to go around again. Bundling the fabric thread by four again but picking up two threads from two bundles so that we get that nice zigzag. This process goes much faster since I don't have to do anything but stitch.

I should be done with my Italian hemstitch by the end of the week if the weather holds. If not, you'll see something else ;)


  1. I hope you have plenty of time and a good light for the hemstitch - it looks so lovely and delicate when it is done!

  2. It's looking good. I love drawn thread work!

  3. Beautiful! There is such a delicate look to the finished stitching.

  4. Lovely work and pretty design, I have just been doing the same hemstitch myself this week.