Wednesday, May 31, 2017

EAC Seminar 2017 - Rock, Needle, Scissors - Part 2

Today's post is all about stash :)

First off! The EAC was selling some old books from their library. They were 2$ each! It wasn't exactly advertised. While on our way back to the residence I spotted a lady carrying the book in the middle and asked her where she got it from. She said she got it from Seminar Central where the EAC had a table selling swag (I got a fold-able bag). We quickly got ourselves there and I was lucky enough to get my own copy of that same book. I found a second book on pulled thread embroidery and the one at the top is a Japanese book on Kogin embroidery. It's very similar to Swedish weaving.

Patricia from L'Atelier de Penelope was using merchant night to launch the addition of Giuliana Ricama magazine to her shop. She allowed me the chance to pick out the ones I wanted, I got three of them. Now I'm really antsy to get my hands on the fabric to start stitching.

So merchant night comes and we're all eager to get in and start shopping. But when the doors finally open and I start making my rounds, it didn't look like they had a lot of things that interested me. There were a lot of local artisans selling wool and ceramics and there were booths from designer that specialize in canvas embroidery. This isn't exactly a bad thing as it meant I won't overspend, but still. Alison Cole had a table as always and she had my order all ready to be picked up, but it was madness actually reaching her. I made three turns of the room stopping to chat here and there, and still had to wait a good 15 minutes in front of her table before I could speak to her.

This order is staying closed until the fall. It's fabric and metal threads for some goldwork projects I plan on stitching this year.

I ended up adding a goldwork kit to my bag from her and a kit from my teacher Jette Roy Finlay-Heath. I wasn't planning on buying an Hedebo kit as hers are quite expensive, but I fell in love with the design and since nothing else caught my eye I decided to splurge.

With what was leftover of my money I got some Au Ver à Soie silks to play with. The green and purple pack are soie ovale which is a flat silk while the other two are soie perlee.

It's not as impressive a haul as last year's but it will still keep me busy. Next post will be about my last two days at seminar.


  1. I would say you still did well Dima! And sometimes less can be more as we build up our stash. Though sometimes 'shiny object syndrome' gets the better of me! Looking forward to seeing you make these things up.

  2. What a lovely haul. I do think it's better to spend your money on one really good project you will love than lots of smaller things which may not get stitched at all.
    I don't know if you follow Leonore, but she found some embroidery on Cyprus, do you know anything about this technique that you could tell her?

  3. Maybe not so much, but it is all good stuff!

  4. Brilliant embroidery stuff, Dima! I wish we had siminars here with market days.

  5. Great addition to your stash, the goldwork will certainly keep you busy!