Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Flowers Blooming

Flowers are popping up everywhere in my stitching.

Sadly I can't say the same about our spring here. The snow melted and we got a lot of rain causing certain problem areas to flood. The situation is so bad that a state of emergency has been declared and troops have been deployed to help evacuate. We're lucky that we live far from the water so we haven't been affected, but some of the places we often go to on the weekend have. The video below shows the Pierrefonds area in Montreal.

Since the weather was so horrible, I took the opportunity to get as far ahead with my beading as I can. I got all the dark navy and teal flowers done. All that's left are the light and dark topaz, and the garnets to do. I've been trying to stitch some leaves after each flower, but I'm going to run out of those very soon.

There are 5 days left till I leave for seminar. I'll need to start packing soon. I also need to figure out what stitching I will be bringing for the 4 hour flight. I really should consider taking Bramble and the Rose.


  1. Glad that the japanese flower piece is coming together well. Hope that the flooding comes down and the damage is not too severe.

  2. I'm glad to hear you are safe Dima! I hope everything returns to normal in your area soon. It has been a crazy weather year for a lot of areas around the world.
    Your flowers look great! Every time I see one of your beading projects I want to give the technique s go! This is going to be beautiful when you are finished.

  3. It's good progress, but I think you are right to be looking for something else for the journey. Somehow I think beadwork is not a good choice for travel!

  4. Gorgeous work on your beading. Hope you have decent welly boots!
    Bramble & Rose will be much better for the flight that beadwork. Imagine if there was turbulence!

  5. that's looking wonderful. What do you mean you'll run out of leaves? The beads? I hope you're going to post about Seminar!