Friday, September 8, 2017

Finishing My Runner

After all the stitching was done on the runner it was time to finish the hem. I've never done this before so I looked to the experts. I found a few good posts online but the one I "followed" was Mary Corbet's found here.

But first I created a channel for the inner fold to use as a guide. I saw this idea on another post (can't remember which).

Once the channel is created, I folded along that line and then again till it reached the edged of my stitched border. I finger pressed each line to create a crease that I could later use to as a guide.

For the corners, I folded twice to create two creases. The first one is from the corner of the fabric into the corner of the stitching. The second is from the point where the channels meet into the corner of the stitching. Following Mary's post, I cut one of the creases (see image below) and then used the creases as a guide to fold the hem along all sides.

I pinned along the hem to hold the fold as I started stitching. It looks a little wrinkly so I wonder if I should have ironed it before I started stitching. In any case, I just made sure to straighten and pull on the hem as I was stitching.

For stitching the hem, there were no set instructions in the magazine. Luckily I have an excellent book in my library. The book is called Drawn Thread Embroidery by Hisako Nishisu. It's in Japanese but has excellent instructions. It's my go to book for all things drawn thread. The stitch has two steps: come out from the fabric and grab a "leg", then stitch into the fold. Repeat.

Step 1
Step 2
You only want to stitch through the fold at the back of the fabric. This makes sure that the stitching doesn't appear at the front.

I finally got the chance to take some pictures in the little light we had. Summer came late over here but it seems like fall is coming early.

I'm very pleased with how this piece came out. Especially the needle painting which is not something I though I would say.

I was a little worried about the color choices but they look amazing in the light. That beige looks like gold in the light.

Here's a picture of the finished corner.

I think this test was a success. The instructions in Giuliana Ricama, although limited and in Italian were clear enough that I was able to stitch it on my own. I LOVE the linen and can't wait to use it again for another project. It's very soft once it was washed and ironed so perfect for runners, doilies, table clothes and the like. The needle painting on it has also boosted my confidence so I hope this means I can finally take out those Hazel Blomkamp kits I've been holding onto. Maybe next year?

Next up: I've started prepping my goldwork project. So this weekend I want to finish the padding and work a little on Hedebo Enchantment to finish the fillings for square #4.


  1. Very pretty! I like the way the drawn thread work meets the hem.

  2. Your runner looks stunning! The needlepainting is beautiful and the whitework is lovely too.

  3. Well done on a great finish! It looks absolutely stunning. Your silk shading is lovely, and it looks like you have the hem technique all worked out too!

  4. This is gorgeous! I can understand why you are so pleased.

  5. Oh, well done! That looks gorgeous!

  6. Oh wow, that looks beautiful! You did a wonderful job finishing it, be proud!

  7. Wonderful hem finishing! Your runner is beautiful!

  8. Beautiful work, I think you finished it perfectly!

  9. This is insanely pretty! I have so much respect for people who can make something this pretty all by themselves. Well done!